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Shanghai Yuelin corporate management Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yuelin corporate management Co., Ltd is a professional company providing professional service in industry assessment、satisfaction evaluation of customers and employees、hotel management、woodpecker checking、registered inspectors training of quality service to nation-wide various types of tourism service industries.
Management Projects
Company specializes in providing implementationand consultationapplicable to hotel ISO Quality management system、Environmental management system、Occupational safety management system and Food safety management system.
We also provide consultation for external travel service and hotel management
By the way, we provide qualified managers in tourism service after training
Further more, we can provide service for hotel risk management and hotel manager training applicable to hotel Quality management system, etc.
And we will obtain the second party system audit both in clear and secret according to the standards of star-rated hotels& travel service.
We provide tourism consultation、hotel risk management、 implementing quality standard advisory、travel agency、 tourism center and hotel management consultation .And we will obtain the second party system audit both in clear and secret according to traveling service and star-rated hotel requirement、manager training on requirement of travel agency and star-rated hotel. Another function of our company focuses on top and intermediate rail hotels' planning、counseling and daily operation management. We have experience of preparations for the opening and successful management about various types of hotel. We have professional management 、 assessment group and pragmatic 、 efficient manage style from hotel investment、hotel acquisitions、 hotel planning to hotel construction、hotel functional design、hotel project management and hotel operation management. etc.
Industry Background
With the support of China Tourism Hotel Association, we have formed a business hotel operating mode with Chinese characteristics which indicates that we have a hotel brand with high market value、talents in hotel management with rich experiences、software and technical supporting system for business hotel management service and a professional management team and hotel star-rated inspectors for checking the service quality and evaluating the satisfaction of customers (employees)leading to an outstanding contribution to the development of Chinese hotel industry.
Business Scope
Since our company was set up, we have sent or output managers to serve lots of star–rated hotels etc. We carry out kinds of implementing quality standards consultation of hotel and tourism quality management system. Our company has a professional group with advanced management concept、rich management experience and a high sense of responsibility. Our company ,rapidly growing, is developing the externally items of consultation service about the industries such as real estate、 hotel、tourism etc . In recent years, we have been entrusted to a number of field-star hotels with the supply of project preparation consultation and management consultation, etc., we have achieved great success, and we are highly praised by the owners.

Our company will keep taking the overall advantages of China Hotel Association and Shanghai Hotels Association continuously and make full use of self-characteristics,holding the service tenet "Integrity services, minded innovation, risk management, win-win cooperation"and breaking traditional mode "advisory services without operational risk".And we will insist on the implementation of "advisory payment is linked with business indicators, carry out risk advisory operating mode" .Coming through the difficulty with the owners voluntarily ,we not only share risk、bear pressure actively、give full play to the talent、 produce high profits and create a win-win situation with the owners, but also learn and take in the advanced experience of the hotel industry、 update business philosophy continuously and expand market
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